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the entire reflecting the highest credit upon Mr. Chapman, the builder, to whose care the erection was entrusted. We understand that Mr. Heffernan has in contemplation the erection of a splendid live performance room, superior to any on the Bendigo . Beyond query, the Shamrock Hotel has one of the best musical companies in the district, and the massive assist it receives is properly deserved. The engagement of Miss Urie nonetheless continues, and her glorious singing meets with the same popularity as ever.

and it was resolved to put in writing to the secretary of the Melbourne Philharmonic Society, for the loan of the music as performed on the opening of the London Exhibition, with a view to place the same in rehearsal . The first of a collection of Saturday Night Concerts for the People was given on Saturday night final, within the new Temperance Hall. William Burrow, Esq., Mayor of Geelong, presided.

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He took his cattle to the river by steamer. Later, Mrs. Girard purchased Lismore station, now the positioning of the city of Lismore. The Girards additionally chosen Dungarubba, a giant cattle station on the Lower Richmond River, however at Dungarubba their herd was drowned within the massive flood of 1866. GIRARD most respectfully submits his acknowledgment for the patronage already acquired,

SONG, “Tarry awhile with me, &c.” by a Lady. AIR, with Variations, by Mr. GEE. SONG, ” What’s a girl like?” by Mr. LEVY. QUINTETTE, Clarionet, Flute, Horn, Bassoons.

Will both obtain Pupils at his Residence, or attend such as may need it at theirs. – Lewis Chambaud’s French and English Dictionary, in 4 vols, on the market. This valuable work is simply too well known to require any remark. GIRARD, of Paris, presenting Compliments to the Families of Sydney, most respectfully informs them that he offers Instruction in his native language, and likewise in quadrilles, waltzes, &c.

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beg to inform the inhabitants, generally that they have returned from Hobarton, and will remain in Launceston in the course of the winter. They will be joyful to attend Quadrille and Evening Parties, and devote their finest energies to the amusement of the town generally Isabella (“Bella”) Veronica MELODIA. This band may be known by their uniform, blue and silver. All commands to be left with Mr. G. Shipley, Wellington-street. The private subscription ball of Mons. Gilbert takes place on Monday night subsequent, on the Academie d’Appollon, Harrington-street.

the entire terminating with the National Anthem. Where every thing was excellent it is somewhat tough to discriminate, however the gem of the leisure to our considering was the selection from “Il Trovatore,” and so thought the 5 thousand people who listened in rapt consideration to this selection from the ever in style opera. Cheer after cheer arose because the last sounds of the music sank into silence, and all felt indebted for the agreeable deal with afforded by Mr. Gassner and the superb band underneath his path. The programme was received through shortly after 10 o’clock, and the good mass of individuals started to wend their method homewards.

Mr. Gehde entered into a exact description of the old iron retailer and the proprietor. – January 11, at her residence, 36, York-street, Mrs. A. Gehde, of a son. MR. HENRY MARSH, in thanking his numerous Pupils and pals for the liberal assist he has obtained

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at Kensington, William Galbraith, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr. Andrew Davie, Brownhill Creek. We regret to learn of the demise of Signor Giacinto Gagliardi, one the oldest musicians in the colony. The deceased was well-known as a conductor and instrumentalist for many years previous. His demise took place at his residence, Albert Park, on the nineteenth inst. Gagliardi made his first appearance in Melbourne, as a flautist, at Rowe’s Circus, June tenth, 1854.

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The poet, the painter, and the musician, get pleasure from equally the pleasures of creation, and their works depend much on the levels of power within the exercise of this college; however Very completely different levels of labour are required by every to find a way to embody, as they should be, the original and spontaneous effusions of fancy.

Wee-Pin performed the cymbals or cha, well known to dwellers in Ballarat East. Lee Tak additionally played the gong or laur, “very efficient”, as Mr. Lang says, “in producing loud music”. Lee Yeng and Lee Chok performed the tee-uh or tuk-tie, which produced sounds just like the Scotch bagpipes, or Scotch organ, as Ah Coon calls the instrument. As we now have before said, Mr. Ah Coon didn’t sing, however Lee Tak and Kong Wai did. The first sang in his natural voice, and the second in falsetto; however, owing to the ponderousness of the accompaniment, neither could be heard.