Cocktail Rings: What They Are and How to Style Them

Do you have questions about when and how to wear a cocktail ring? Cocktail rings date back to the 1920s speakeasy era and are a feminist icon. This page discusses their colorful past, how to use cocktail rings to enhance your appearance, and more. It also serves as inspiration for ring types.

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A cocktail ring: what is it?

Large, audacious, and distinctive—you’ve seen them. Statement rings, sometimes referred to as cocktail rings, are larger-than-average rings. Usually, they have an ostentatious design or an enormous stone. Statement rings may be used to complete an outfit or to show off your sense of style and individuality.

A feminist sign from the 1920s

In the 1920s, cocktail rings originated in the United States. They were created as a result of several social and political movements. First of all, alcohol was forbidden under the Prohibition Law. Second, women were starting to demand their own money by working outside the home and demanding the right to vote. This trend showed that women were growing more independent than ever before.

Independent “flapper girls” started to rebel against the societal norm as a result. This involved dressing up in short cocktail dresses and flashy jewelry, and going out to illegal speakeasy parties alone.

Of course, it was against the law to drink at the time, but certain places secretly permitted it. As a result, ladies started to request beverages using a code. They would lift their right hand and show the bartender a big ring made of gemstones. In this manner, the bartenders were aware that they want an alcoholic drink. Thus, the term “cocktail ring.” Large gemstone rings are generally worn on the right hand for this reason as well.

The modern way to wear a cocktail ring

Cocktail rings are generally worn on the right hand, as previously mentioned. But there are no rules now. As a result, you can use any hand or finger to wear your cocktail ring. Give your statement piece the spotlight it deserves if you want it to draw notice. To do this, wear only one cocktail ring and go light-hearted with the rest of your jewelry.

Is it possible to wear several cocktail rings?

Indeed! Don’t be scared to accessorise with many statement rings. Matching colors while experimenting with various textures to make the rings look good together is a wonderful approach to do this.

Every event has a cocktail ring available.

Cocktail rings are appropriate for any occasion and are not simply for parties. Select a simple ring for the workplace to avoid making it seem “too much.” On the other hand, formal occasions are ideal for showcasing your largest, most opulent, and most striking jewelry. And last, informal get-togethers with friends are excellent settings for unique, fun rings that showcase your individuality.

How to wear a cocktail ring stylishly

First and foremost, choose a cocktail ring design that goes with your attire. Make sure the style of your ring complements the subtle lines of your outfit, for instance, if you’re wearing a minimalist suit. Second, give it significance. Wear a jewel that has special meaning for you, such as your anniversary or birthstone. As an alternative, put on a ring that makes you think of a particular person or location. Finally, experiment with color. This may be achieved by matching the color of the ring to your other accessories or by incorporating a flash of color into an otherwise monochromatic look.

Which metal works best in a cocktail ring setting?

Investing in long-lasting jewelry, such as engagement rings, is highly recommended. Consider investing in platinum or 18K gold. But if you’re just planning to wear the cocktail ring occasionally, it’s fine to opt with a less expensive metal like 9K gold, silver, or gold vermeil. Your distinctive item will provide you delight for a lifetime as long as you wear and preserve it with care.

How about some old-fashioned cocktail rings?

Although antique rings are exquisite, they may be costly and difficult to wear with contemporary attire. Modern rings with patterns that honor bygone times are a fantastic substitute. You may show off a little bit of vintage flair, but your ring will still be reasonably priced and simple to meet with current trends. To find out more about selecting jewelry in the vintage style, see the 7 Best Vintage Jewellery Styles.

Cocktail rings: a few last ideas and recommendations

Cocktail rings give you both flair and significance. First of all, they’re a fantastic way to dress up a look. Secondly, they convey a great deal about your style sense and personality. Thirdly, cocktail rings might be an important item for you to wear since they are a symbol of feminism.

Wearing a cocktail ring requires confidence, so the larger and bolder the better. Last but not least, cocktail rings highlight your hands, so don’t neglect to have a manicure. A cocktail ring is meant to draw attention, so show it out and take pleasure in the attention.